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Mrs. Raney's Chemistry Website


Made with the intent of providing an online resource for Mrs. Raney's Chemistry students to keep track of their daily assignments, this site provides a complete hub of information for students and parents. Everything from test dates to homework assignments are available to the students, all powered by a MySQL Database and a PHP interface.

Also included on the site are a series of online, JavaScript powered reviews that allow students to check their progress.

Screenshot of Index Page

The index page presents the most recent assignment, current unit information and a link to the relevent online quiz. A link to the full list of yearly assignments is included.


A simple design concept was created for this site in order to make navigation and accessibility of content to be of highest priority. Other than the periodic table background, no images are used in site design. Instead, CSS plays a large part in the site design.

Screenshot of Acceptable Calculators

Examples of allowable calculators are given for parents. The periodic table in the background is faded and light to avoid making text difficult to read.

Online Reviews

One of the most critical parts of this site are the online reviews. Powered by JavaScript, these reviews correspond to the paper reviews handed out in the classroom. Students can work out the problems on the paper reviews and can enter their answers online to check them.

The reviews are completely JavaScript powered. Care was taken to ensure that the quizzes function properly in most major browsers.

To facilitate the creation of these quizzes, a Mac based application was written to assemble the quizzes in a simple GUI and have the HTML and JS files automatically generated.

Screenshot of an Electron Dot Problem

Online quizzes use a variety of form fields to simulate the various Chemistry problems found in the paper reviews.

These include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and even Lewis Dot Structure problems.

Screenshot of a graded quiz

Once the quiz is graded, the correct and incorrect problems are clearly marked and the correct answers are displayed.