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Ultra Clean, Inc.


Created for a fast growing Electropolishing Company, this site is designed to give potential customers a brief synopsis of all the services offered as well as all pertinent contact information.

The site is seperated into multiple sections, one for each department in the company. Care was taken to make these various sections navigable and well organized.

Screenshot of Navigation Bar

The navbar is powered by JavaScript and CSS, providing a series of collapsable popup menus.

JavaScript also keeps track of the current page and section, keeping the section's relevent menu open on page load.

Screenshot of Open Navigation Bar

For extended compatibility the navbar expands completely if JavaScript is not enabled, allowing access to all of the site's links.


The design of the UltraClean site needed to incorporate the logo's colors as well as the theme of polished metal. Due to the amount of images to be displayed in the site's content however, a minimal amount of graphics were needed for site design.

Screenshot of Site Color Scheme

The logo colors are incorporated in the type-setting styles while a simple, 1 pixel wide metallic themed gradient was used for the banner and navbar background.

Screenshot of Breadcrumbs

To aid in helping visitors keep track of their location in the site, an unobtrusive breadcrumb system was implemented across the top of the content.